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What we stand for

Our Company Mission, Vision & Mandate



Development of strategic catalytic macro projects to improve SBDM socio-economic situation


To facilitate & implement integrated economic development of sustainable businesses and co-operatives enterprises


Facilitate investments and economic transformation of SBDM in those sectors with economic potential

Our Values

The key values that inform the work and approach of the CDA are

Transparency and Accountability

To its shareholders, Board, SBDM, Communicty of the Sarah Baartman Distric and Strategic Partners

Economic Developmental Oriented

Promoting and mobilising investment for the key SBDM economic development key drivers in quick response     time within which developments are planned, led, managed and implemented.



To investors, market and shareholder expectations towards achieving CDA mandate.



Adopt agile approaches tailored to meet stakeholder’s unique requirements and expectations 


Agent of Change

Incorporate and drive SA socio-economic transformation agenda through the implementation of progressive procurement, partnership and work practices


Our Story

Our Structure


Development Mandate

Clause 5 of the SLA agreement signed between the Sarah Baartman District Municipality and the CDA stipulates the CDA developmental mandate focus as follow (quoted verbatim from the SLA):

5.1   CDA will be responsible for the co-ordination of economic and infrastructure development at regional scale. It will also have an implementation role particularly in regard to regional project management. In defining its role in practice, it will seek to ensure that it does not duplicate the activities of the district and local municipalities but rather complements and enhances their activity. CDA will enhance and implement detail planning on economic growth sectorial programs developed by previous Government (National and Provincial), District and local municipalities.

5.2   CDA will prioritise and facilitate strategic catalytic development initiatives that ensure that investment is attracted to the Municipal Area and that job creation and economic opportunity is optimised. Areas of focus will include:

5.2.1  Improving the economic and investment climate in the region;

5.2.2  Developing regional economic nodes and regenerating small towns;

5.2.3  Investment promotion and resource mobilization, including ;  Skills development;  Coordinating work of different municipalities and government agencies at regional level;  Agriculture and agro-processing;  Developing catalytic infrastructure such as roads, electricity, water, etc.